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CITC Team Tennis

* 3 Team Captains:  Scott, Ilian, Yana
* Each team will be assigned a color with t-shirts provided by each coach
* Match format:  1 Men’s Doubles, 1 Ladies Doubles, 1 Mixed Doubles & 2-3 Singles
* Each match counts 1 point with a total of 5 points.
* Doubles will be the best of 3 sets No Add. A third set will be a 10 Point Tiebreak.
* Singles will be the best of 3 sets No Add. A third set will be a 10 point Tiebreak.
* All players are to arrive 30 minutes prior to their matches for warm ups.  

Teams are as follows:
Ilian: Jake Booker, Chuck Thompson, Jeff Cummer, Berno De Villiers, Guy Dilliway-Parry, Elaine Whitefield, Carol Huddlestone, Emma Wilson, David Bakker, Mike Fullerton, Trust Munyuki.
Yana: Ilona Groark, Oscar Bjuro, Adam Lovett, Simon Gunn, Carolyn Caz, Sandra Dailey, Richard Harrison, Sharath Murthy, Andy Hutchinson, Ricardo Douglas, Christine Cleaver
Scott: Nigel Mitten, Lauren Fullerton, Charlie Powell, Eva Jacques, Kim Corralo, John Corralo, Richard Strommer, Colin Reid, Maria Alberga, Zach Jackson.

 Dates & Times of Matches:
Ilian vs. Yana
March 15th @ 7 PM
Scott vs. Yana
March 16th @ 5 PM
Scott vs. Ilian
March 22nd @ 7 PM    
Yana vs. Ilian                                                                                                                        
March 29th @ 7 PM
Yana vs. Scott
March 30th @ 7 PM
Ilian vs. Scott
May 3rd @ 7 PM
Ilian vs. Yana
May 4 @ 5 PM

There are 4 spots left for anyone who would like to join, please email

Later Event: March 18
CITC Junior Program