The Association Faces Adversity

Existence of the association was seriously threatened in September of 1975 when the new developers of the condominium project requested that members find a new location, on less than two week's notice. They had to have courts - they only had tennis to offer. There were at the time still only eight courts on the islands -- Pageant Beach, Prospect, Galleon and Beach Club with one each and Holiday Inn with four, all primarily for their own guests' use. As luck would have it, two of the four courts built by the Holiday Inn to the north of their premises were being abandoned for inferior construction and they were offered to the association on a monthly basis by Grand Cayman Hotels, the proprietors of the land. Many determined members spent many long hours in the grueling sun, removing by hand the rubberised surface which was lying in heaps so that the courts could be painted.

It must be recorded here that, although many, many people contributed to the growth and survival of the present club, due to the behind the scenes assistance of David Mitchell during the early 70's then manager of Galleon Beach Hotel, tennis in Cayman was given a great boost.

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