Present Day CITC

Providing the opportunity for island residents to improve their standard of play through outside competition was the original aim of the club in organising the Open Tournament annually, and this aim is being well met.For the first time in 1981 players were attracted from United States, Canada and Jamaica for the sole purpose of competing against local talent and regular winter visitors; Australian Warren Girls of Florida was the first such competitor to carry a trophy off the island. The introduction that year of a delayed entry deadline for non-residents has helped to make participating by visitors more feasible in that, as they are not required to enter preliminary rounds, they can now take part and complete the tournament within a one-week stay on the island. It is also anticipated that the club's decision to offer prize money for the first time this year to the winners of singles events will be an added attraction for high-level competition. The assistance of Cayman Airways, national flag carrier and tournament sponsor, has aided the club considerably in publicising the event outside of the islands through their connections with numerous agencies.

During the past year, the club was recognized by both the Cayman Islands Government (Health, Education and Welfare) and the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee as official tennis representatives for the Cayman Islands, resulting in eligibility for application for membership in the International Tennis Federation, headquartered in London, England. Acceptance by this prestigious body, and perhaps other, could be of invaluable assistance in publicising and promoting the club's Open Tournament in other countries.

Back home, support of the club and interest in tennis, in particular the Open Tournament, has also been demonstrated by several local business establishments who have provided this year, another first, perpetual trophies and/or plates for the winners of every scheduled event in the Open(listed in entry forms).

Although the club is still not in a position to employ salaried personnel, progress continues through the devoted efforts of members who volunteer their time, expertise, equipment and willing hands, and who care about the future of tennis in the Cayman Islands.

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