Cayman Islands Tennis Association

Although many (inactive) tennis players populated the community, it was not until the early 70"s brought to Cayman's shores another wave of enthusiasts that tennis arrived to stay. The meeting place again was the Pageant Beach court but, within a short time, they moved to the newly-constructed court at Prospect which never did have a surrounding fence or a net provided; the players carried their own net for their twice weekly game. Shortly thereafter, they moved on to the rebuilt court at Galleon Hotel. By 1973, it was felt that the time was right to organise their quickly-expanding group. 
The Cayman Islands Tennis Association was formed January 8th, 1974 at a meeting of interested players at the Galleon Hotel attended by twenty-eight potential players. The driving force this time was the late Bryan Lauer, then Registrar of Lands, who was unanimously elected the Association's first President and, under his direction, the aims of the association were agreed and have come far to promote tennis in the island, especially by providing facilities and coaching for juniors, and to build sufficient courts for its members' use.

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